3 Success Ways To Develop Your Belief

How Do You Develop Your Belief and Create a Breakthrough?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to success is tied to your belief.

It’s not so much the external factors that create real blocks, it’s usually because of the way you think.

You most likely have an idea (probably plenty of them if you’re like me). A goal or goals that you’re trying to achieve.

The thing is, it feels like a constant battle to move forward and you know you need to focus and stop distractions to make any progress.

The challenge that you’re coming up against is that your thinking and beliefs are a product of your environment.

Everything that is in and around your life. The people, the media, the groups you take part in and the things you read and listen to.

This influences your internal processing of possibilities.

Unfortunately for most of us, serious limits are put on our ability to think successfully. We get trapped into small thinking. The type of thinking that doesn’t stretch you into BIG things or the possibility of what could be.

This mindset leads to constant circling of thoughts, a brain not a rest because it is without direction or decision.

What we don’t realise is that our mind is trying to keep us within the predictable comfort zone, living in the familiar of what you already know and protecting you from the ‘what if’s’ and unknown.

Your Mind Impacts Your Results

Your mind is a complex and fascinating powerful part of what God designed in you.

The brain has amazing potential but it also has highly developed protection mechanisms to help you survive. It wants to save you from perceived dangers and unfamiliar situations, to help avoid the insecurity that arises when you want to create change and growth.

The challenge is, you have to break through this to create the change needed to reach your goals.

This is why you say you want to do something but then you don’t do it.

Somewhere in your subconscious, there’s an agreement of your limitations and fears. And despite excitement for your goal and dream, you meet the same hurdles that limit your growth.

They restrict your faith in what could be and IS.

Creating The Change

So let’s set things right and refocus on how to create that success mindset with the power of belief.

Belief must come first for you to push through. Even a small seed of belief has the potential to create a giant tree of possibility.

The bible tells you that faith comes by hearing the word of God. So if faith comes that way – are you putting yourself in an environment where you can hear what you need?

You need to put yourself in a place that can train your brain to believe so that you can challenge the unfamiliar and make things shift.

To activate belief you can stir and stimulate your senses and your mind. Be intentional about listening to inspiring ideas, engage with like-minded people and create a zone around you of learning and growth.

When you begin to take action you will develop your belief and clarity. It helps you focus on taking the next step. Then, as you get results or momentum, your confidence increases and your energy lifts.

Your energy is an important consideration. How you take care of your own energy will impact your success mindset.

You know that when you’re happy, excited, or stimulated, your energy is pulsing. You feel like you can do so much. But negative energy is the opposite.

If someone is critical, gossiping, or squashing your enthusiasm, it affects you. It makes you smaller and less engaged with the feelings associated with powerful belief.

Protect your environment. Steward your energy. Stir up your faith. Guard your mindset like it’s worth more than all the diamonds in the world – because it is.

The 3 ways to develop a success mindset with belief

1. Believe BIG!

Are you uncomfortable with your goals? Are you stretching yourself daily? To break the habits of thinking small you must create a new habit.

Be intentional with how big your thoughts are. Dare to step into what you cannot do alone. Do not limit yourself as you develop your belief.  Choose not to stay contained by your current skills, circumstances or abilities.

Faith requires that you take action BEYOND what you can do now. You are capable of great things. God has designed you that way.

When you partner with Him by faith, this is when all things become possible. He blesses the work that you do. But you need to take action for Him to bless it. He’s not able to bless anything if you’re just sitting around waiting for it all to fall on you.

First, you sow the seed, then the harvest. It’s a universal law. Create an environment to believe big.

2. Think Success First

You need to be able to not just believe big but think success thoughts. Don’t be negative and think about what could go wrong and how you might fail.

Cultivate possibility thinking, that sees your success as reality. You may not know all the steps to get you there right now, and that’s ok. See yourself accomplishing that goal, as if it’s already done.

Hold the vision. Hold the picture of success. And then commit to the journey in a positive way. That is the power of faith in action.

3. Master your self-talk

Your mind is often the one that condemns, criticises or has excuses that stop you. The brain protects itself against perceived threats and change.

On one hand, you want to reach your goal but on the other, you hit the resistance factor. The thought that says ‘Whoa, wouldn’t you prefer to not put yourself under that kind of pressure’. Or if you’re like me ‘it’s too hard to deal with, go and have a coffee instead’.

Get into the habit of speaking life to yourself. Tell yourself that you are worth the hope, effort and dreams.

You have everything you need, by faith, to reach your goal. Be quick to grab hold of the thought that makes you shrink back.

Become hyper aware when you get that feeling. Identify where it came from and do whatever it takes to remove yourself from that environment.

Speak out loud to yourself in a positive and affirming way. It helps to HEAR words of encouragement to ignite your faith in the possibilities again.

Choose To Strengthen Your Belief

The power of belief is the key to having a success mindset. It empowers you to dare to believe in what is possible and helps you to take action to see results.

What is one thing you can start to do to build up your faith?

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