Faith at Work: How To Avoid Failing

What if I told you that I know the secret of how you can ‘NEVER FAIL’. Would it provoke curiosity?

This ‘secret’ has been so hidden that it’s in plain sight and yet too many people who read the bible do not know it at all. There are specific keys laid out for the real success of anyone who believes.

I’m going to show you where and exactly what those keys are.

But I’d like to talk about something with you first….

There is a lot of talk about faith. It seems to be a trendy word.

There is a rise in spiritualism, self-sufficiency and universality. More people are turning from God and looking to the ‘other’.

I think the ‘church’ has failed the world in demonstrating that Jesus is alive and the bible is true and living. There has been a settling for ‘form’ or appearance that is powerless.

It’s time to reclaim what Jesus and Paul revealed. Not only reclaim but be so crazy that we actually do what it says and watch God confirm His word.

Who wouldn’t want to see that?

So, in order for that to happen we need to go back to the one place where it is laid out for us. Stories of faith in action in the lives of lots of people. Examples of ways to grow in faith and the mindset of the person that wants to overcome and flourish.

For me that place of inspiration is the greatest life manual that exists, the bible. So allow me to instruct you from it.

The Foundation of Faith

Sooooo…. what is faith? It seems to be a very intangible thing.

I went looking for it’s meaning. The dictionary said :

trust, loyalty, confidence, persuasion, credence, conviction, assurance, alive.

Faith is the key that opens the doors, it’s the way through the maze when you’re lost – it’s definitely an essential. Without faith it is impossible to please God so we’d better use it!

But we should be empowered to also know that he has given us:

‘ALL THINGS that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of him…’. (2 Peter 1:3)

Take a moment to let that sink in.

We keep asking God for things but this says he has given us ALL THINGS already. We have it, we just have to understand how to let the knowledge help us fly.

So what are some of the clues to help us grow and change and fully function in the things we are purposed for?

How to Avoid Failure

2 Peter 1 talks about what we can do, in fact he says that we should be diligent to make sure we do this. It’s almost like a recipe to bake the perfect cake!

1. Start with Faith then….

2. Add to your Faith, Virtue.

Virtue : excellence, good quality or influence

3. To Virtue add Knowledge.

Knowledge : to know, have information about, perceive with certainty, be acquainted with, recognise, identify, a seeking to know, an enquiry, investigation, exact or full knowledge, discernment, recognition

4. To Knowledge add Temperance.

Temperance : moderation, self-restraint, master desires and passions in all things, strength, self-control, strong in a thing

5. To Temperance add Patience

Patience : calm endurance under pain, or weariness or provocation, perseverance, long tempered, steadfastness, cheerful (or hopeful)

6. To Patience add Godliness

Godliness : to be devout, characterised by a God-ward attitude, does what is well pleasing to Him, well reverent.

7. To Godliness add Brotherly Kindness

Brotherly Kindness : fraternal affection, love of the brethren, friendly, neighbourly

8. To Brotherly Kindness add Charity

Charity : love, affection or benevolence

Now, if we add these 7 things to our foundation of faith consider what the outcomes will be. This is what 2 Peter tells you… if you dare to accept it!

A. You will never be barren or unfruitful in the knowledge of Jesus Christ

B. You will NEVER fail

You have the essentials, you know what to do – consistently discover everything that He has already given you.

Believe big, dream huge, be diligent and always choose to love.

If we all grow into these things we will be unstoppable!

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