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Business Coaching Services

You know when you have all of these business ideas but you have no one to talk to and sort through your ideas. Or there is a specific part of your business that you are stuck on and need some outside input. You don’t need another course or a long term contract, you just need to sort through the clutter and get some clarity. Then you need to book a strategy session with me.

After 14 years of my own online businesses and 25 years of marketing and growth strategy, I know I can help you. I have coached many people in business in variety of niches in my 1 on 1 strategy sessions. During these sessions we talk about your challenges that come up in my comprehensive questionnaire that you will fill our before our meeting. This questionnaire is the starting point to direct us to your biggest frustrations and by the end of our session we will find a solution that works for you and your business.

Sharryn Ludlow

Strategy Success Testimonials

Sharryn coached me through setting my pricing for my services and setting up my first client meeting. She also spent many hours mentoring me on the structure and content of the business website I was building…..I would highly recommend Sharryn to anyone who needs business, personal or Christian coaching, or help with setting up a business online. Her expertise are invaluable, and her passion is contagious.

– Amanda H.

Sharryn has been amazing….I was vaguely aware of my shortfalls in business, Sharryn not only helped me to highlight my VALUE, but gave me ways to show the world. I have been short-selling myself for years, and not wanting to address the issue due to my fears … Sharryn has changed those ‘fears’ into positives, turned my mindset around from “I can’t” to “I CAN” in a way that makes me BELIEVE in myself.

– Rachel S.

Strategy and Accountability Packages

1 Hour Strategy Session

A one time session via video conference.

For those that have specific questions they need help with.


  • 1 Hour Session via Video
  • Intake Questionnaire
  • Follow-up email with action steps
  • 1 week email support

VIP 1/2 Day Strategy Session

If you have need help to create and strategise a plan to achieve your goals then this is a great option for you.  From marketing plans to revenue streams and product or service concepts, together we can help you make a plan.


  • 3 Hour Session + Breaks via video
  • Intake Questionnaire
  • Follow-up Email with Action Steps
  • 2 Week Email Support
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Monthly Accountability Partner

Let’s face it. You need serious help to stay focused and accountable to achieving what you say you want. You are overwhelmed with everything you could be doing and you keep starting over or changing your mind. You are far away from the results you dream of.

I help you  strategise a plan and then by creating an accountability weekly checkin via email. This helps you create the focus and momentum to overcome the hurdles you run into.   It’s for when you want to develop your own skills to going pro with support to keep you on track.


  • 1 Hour Strategy Session via Video
  • Intake Questionnaire
  • Follow-up email with action steps
  • Weekly Accountability Checkin via Email
  • 1 15 minute checkin call mid-month
  • 1 month unlimited email support
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One on One Coaching

There are many factors that go into creating success. Just like there are many paths to get there. The trouble is, you can waste a lot of time, money, heartache and mental energy trying to figure it all out and still be in the same place six months from now.

Focused Coaching helps you create breakthroughs, get the clarity and momentum you need and amplify your results. You gain a real sense of achievement and freedom when you know what you need to do and you can get out of your own way to get there.

Business or Life Purpose Coaching are both available in a 3 month packages starting from $2100.