The Unwelcome Truth About Your Potential

The unwelcome truth about your potential

I would be willing to bet (a cup of coffee) that you’ve been told at least once in your life to believe in your potential.

I’m right aren’t I?

Potential is a word that get’s thrown around a lot.

“Oh, he’s got great potential” or “I know this idea has great potential”.

Personally, I believe it is all true. Every single human being does have enormous potential. It is born within us, it’s unique as our DNA. It is by design and completely linked with your purpose, unique strengths and abilities.

But let’s face facts.

Your potential alone is not enough.

Nobody wants to tell you that it’s going to take hard work to activate your potential.

The fact is, for anything great, you have to go for it. To decide you will work for it, believe for it and get past yourself and into what you CAN be!

As an woman in business I’ve found this to be so true. The potential and the promise of what could be tempts you all the time.  It’s not enough to say I have faith that it will all work out or God has told me. Even He is waiting for you to put things into motion.

There is so much ‘free’ help online or advice to grow a business that you can waste all your time chasing this elusive potential. It seems that in reality most people never quite get to where they want and end up disappointed.

In fact the scripture tells us in Proverbs 28:19

‘Those who work their land will have abundant food,
but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.’

So how to do move from the great idea and the promise of all your potential and what could be – into strategic, committed action?

Allow me to share an example via my son’s story.

From the age of 5 he has been a soccer player. He dabbled in lots of sports but decided to devote all his energy to soccer when he was 11 years old. Naturally gifted as a child, sporting ability came easy for him. The challenge came when he turned 12. His natural ability and talent were no longer enough. Kids that were not as natural as him started going past him.

I remember having conversations with him as he struggled with this. Recognising that it isn’t just about natural talent. It’s committing to the hard work to be excellent and step into the realisation of the potential.  It is a mental, spiritual and physical journey and it’s absolutely going to be tough.

He assured my husband and I he would do the work, even if he did feel like giving up right at that moment.

So I did the next logical thing; I got him a coach.

We heard about a soccer coach that was doing a lot of one on one and group coaching. The reports were good. So we went along one night for an introduction.

It was fascinating to me what happened.

The coach put him straight into a small sided game with some other players. They played for 20 minutes. Immediately after the game he pulled my son aside and gave him a report. ‘This is what I saw, this is what is going on, this is how I can help’.

Within 20 minutes this coach had assessed him. He had seen his potential, understood where he needed development and knew he could help. My son happily responded and agreed to work together.

Within two months he wanted to quit. It was so hard. The challenge came at every turn. His performance was measured and critiqued. His growth was huge and the improvements were amazing. But he fought for it every single time he went to a coaching session.

I remember the coach asking him ‘are you still prepared to work for it? it’s not my dream I’m here for’. I was so proud of him for sticking it out. It took developing a mental toughness to reach for his own potential.

By the age of 16 he was playing with seniors. By the age of 19 paid to play. And right now, even as I write this, he is still working on his goal. Still developing himself to achieve what he set out to do. He’s been working at it for over 15 years.

How long have you been working on your potential and dream?

Potential is that double-edged sword. The sweet promise of what could be or the haunting nightmare of what you’ve never quite achieved.

The turning point for my son happened with two things. One, when he made up his mind what he wanted and two, when we hired the coach to work with him.

It wasn’t cheap nor was it easy. In fact, it was inconvenient for me because of the time involved and I did have two other kids.

The choice of going after your potential sets things in motion. You need to realise there is a price, there is an investment of yourself into the process.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s just going to fall into your lap. It doesn’t just appear as everything you’ve dreamed of.

Working with a coach helped my son in so many ways. He became a sounding board, an accountability partner and someone that kept stretching him. It was a different relationship to the normal team coach. This individualised coaching focused on him and what his goals were.

I know that your best life is when you are aligned with your purpose and passion. Your goals could be in the career you want to achieve, what is it going to take to get there? It could be that you are entrepreneurial and want to create a successful business? Partner with someone to help you get there faster.

Would you like to receive one on one, focused and individualised coaching for your goals? Request a free introductory call to see how I can help you achieve your potential!

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