Unlock Your Purpose and Partner with God

It’s Time to Unlock Your Purpose And Live By Design

How has your week been? Are you feeling positive and happy, connected to your purpose? Is there something to celebrate? Or have things got your down?

One thing I’ve found, no matter how good or challenging my circumstances are, it is completely up to me how I respond to them.

I’ve spent years deep in the bible, in personal growth and leadership study. I have all this knowledge that I can use to combat these feelings and yet STILL… those feelings can come and overwhelm me.

Do you know what I mean?

A client story: looking for purpose, trying to get out of being stuck and struggling…

When I started working with my coaching client she said she was ‘drowning’ in her life. She was a busy, newly divorced mum juggling her business, her three kids and her growing debt. Honestly, all she could do was keep treading water to survive.

She had lost her sense of purpose and forgotten how to take control of her thoughts and feelings.  The troubles and cares had overwhelmed her and instead of leaning on God and being led by Him, she was carrying it all in her own strength.

The business wasn’t making money because she was undervaluing her business services, earning less than if she had been working part-time for McDonalds. And all the time she was worried about her kids and what other people would think if they know the ‘truth’ about her life.

Well, thank God for the Holy Spirit, for wisdom and some coaching skill. After four weeks of working together she had started to see results and the inner confidence that started to rise up in her was fantastic.

Her results…

She started valuing her time and her services far more in her business. Life was re-prioritised – God became centre, her faith gave her focus and confidence. With her business, we strategised and developed plans for profit streams and better management of time and mindset. As she got straight to work, the business made more money the first couple of weeks without her working the same amount of hours. She was so much happier.

She has worked on both herself and her business, and she is living the results now. Her self leadership has improved so that she can love and influence her children in a much more positive way.

That doesn’t mean she’s perfect – of course not, life isn’t like that. However, she has stepped up to be the CEO of her life and aligned herself with the purpose God designed for her.

It’s worth celebrating!  Anyone that breaks free and steps into the thing their heart wants and they are happy in it, is to be congratulated.

Do you need some help like she did?

I would love to coach and mentor you for a breakthrough.

You need to experience clarity, focus, accountability and confidence that God is partnering with you so you can fulfil your purpose. That is when you are going to discover real meaning and satisfaction in your life.

If you feel like you’re ready for a new phase of life and know it’s time to focus on your future, then contact me and let’s schedule a time for a discovery call.

Your unique design, the callings and purposes of YOUR life need to flourish. There is no one else like you who can do what you are called to do – there is no competition out there that can compete with that.

Step up this week and believe big. Let’s see what God and YOU can do.

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