Their Words Hurt Her and Her Confidence Was Shaken

I bet you know what it is to have your confidence shaken.  It’s inevitable. Right?

Confidence is that emotional part of us that can go up and down can’t it? We’ve all struggled if someone says even a few words that hit our heart…. it can take away our happiness in a moment.

Their words hurt her and her confidence was shaken

A lady recently shared with me about this exact situation.

She was so excited about her business idea to help other women. She was telling some people she thought would be encouraging. They were Pastors. She thought they, of ALL people, would encourage her to believe for big things but no, instead they said some careless words. Not realising that they had the power to wound.

I felt for her, I know from experience that this can affect you. I held myself back for years because I let words affect me and undermine my confidence in myself.

Until I realised I gave them the power to effect me that way. This is why Jesus said watch out to the ones who get offended. He was saying offences are going to come, how are you going to handle it?

Well, this lady didn’t let the offence stay for long. She took charge of her mind and emotions, and re-established her confidence.

It was such a lovely story of strength.

So I thought of you.

You need to guard your confidence

No matter what your circumstance, maybe today it’s your time to let confidence be your shield against those words that come to destroy your day.

Having a personal growth plan – being intentional about what you allow inside of you – means that day by day your confidence will become so rock solid it will be hard to shake.

Because I know, WHO you ARE shows up in EVERYTHING you DO.

It’s dealing with the INNER GAME where you win those battles.

So to get what you want, to achieve what you want, to be strong and influence others you need to up your game. Grow YOU.

As you grow in strength and confidence, you will influence and impact others.

And one thing I know, you already have it within you – and this journey of life of growth and faith never ends. You must continually be adding to yourself to become your best.

• What are you reading?
• Is there a great podcast that you’re listening to?
• Are you spending time around people that inspire you to think bigger than you do?
• Are you writing things down, as ideas come to you, as God speaks?

If you haven’t become intentional yet, start today. Because in a month from now, you’ll already be that much further ahead.

Keep Your Big Dreams Alive!!

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